How to changing the development server port?
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How to changing the development server port?

You must be using a file-based web project... Those start the little web
server that always runs on a non-standard port (so as to not interfere with
IIS which runs on port 80). The port number that is used for this is now in
the solution file (because MS is absolutely sure that we hate project files
for web projects ;-) ). Back up your solution file, open the .sln file with
notepad, and look for an entry like "VWDPort = "3366"" which is where the
port number is configured.

You can change it, but VS will change it automatically again when there is
some sort of problem (ie, your VS2005 just crashed and the web server is
still running and taking up the port, so another port is automagically
assigned ad your VS solution file is auto-changed with the new port number



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